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A Sincere Professional Service towards Mankind

Matching the world-wide standards, we work to research and develop innovative biopharmaceutical medicines for the markets of India and the world.

Procell Biologics facility has dedicated spaces and teams for the research and development of result-oriented medications that can cure varied types of ailments. Our manufacturing unit is fitted to take care of the entire drug-chain from research, pre-clinical discoveries to clinical development and global approvals.

Our team has experienced professionals from pharmaceutical, biologics and management industries. They work hard in providing the appropriate medical products at an affordable cost. Their efforts result in manufacturing well-researched and tested range of biologics for the mankind across globe.

Our Services

Generic Products

An equally safer, effective and cheaper formulation of a branded medicine is known as their generic version. We manufacture finished doses of various generic products that can be used to treat fatal diseases at an affordable cost.

Biosimilar Section

We produce biosimilar medicines that are equally safe and effective for various biological formulations. These biosimilars are off-patented, but are made from current date technologies; thus can give cost advantage over innovator products with inferior safety and efficacies. Biosimilars have attractive market in treatment of many diseases like cancer, diabetes and inflammation. Even with lower cost structure than the innovator product, biosimilars have high effectiveness. Thus, they can be used for the nation’s cause.

& Development Department

Within a short span of just 4 months, we have established a state-of-the-art R&D facility for development of processed scales of 20L & 10L products from a vial to finished product. This process also includes analytical method development, verification and validation. Researchers and scientists at our R&D department, work to discover life-changing, cutting-edge medications. They research on rare diseases to find their therapeutic solutions. This department documents all their research work which can also be used for latest regulatory requirements.

Development Wing

This wing is responsible for converting a life-changing formulation into the final product, an actual drug. Here, we design, process and formulate the biosimilars and other biologic products to meet the global need and provide a healthier ecosystem. We are also presently working to develop and supply various enzymes as per GMP grade under the Key Raw Material (KRM).

Contract Research (CR) Services

We have a special department to produce certain medical formulations under your brand-name through a contract-based research. Under this service, we can research for drug development of molecular biology, process development & establishment, formulation and chemical drug conjugates (CDC).

Presenting Biosimilars for Global Need.